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In the present day scenario with business going global and increasingly being conducted across borders, having employees who possess the ability to communicate in English is a huge asset. If your company engages with people who speak English as a first or second language, it is imperative for your employees to know and use English in the workplace. When global clients communicate effectively with your company's employees, their trust in your organisation grows and business relationships become stronger.

In most global companies, English is the language of communication in meetings, negotiations, for writing reports, giving presentations, in social situations and for overall management. Therefore, having employees who are able to communicate effectively and negotiate successfully in English is essential.

Within your organisation, personnel with a sound knowledge of English connect with their colleagues and communicate better. This leads to better teamwork and a stronger team.

Another reason for knowledge of English being a must-have skill is that over 50% of the pages on the Internet are written in English. Only those who understand the language can adeptly leverage the wealth of online information.

The bridge to effective communication

At The London Bridge Centre (TLB) we understand the value of English knowledge in the workplace. Our holistic approach enables us to see it is as more than a language of communication. We view the English language as a tool of development. Our English teaching therefore enables personnel to develop their language, communication and interpersonal skills. It gives them confidence and enables them to grow professionally and personally.

We view the English language as a tool of development.

We understand that speaking and writing business English are two different skills. When we coach your employees we ensure that they learn to write effectively and also express themselves clearly and fluently in English.

Speaking and writing business English are two different skills.
The bridge to proper pronunciation

While knowledge of written and spoken English is crucial, an employee can make an impact with clients and within your Company only through proper pronunciation. At TLB, we emphasise neutral accent and the right pronunciation such that employees can be understood clearly in their conversations with clients.

Our training stems from the Cambridge CELTA methodology. We adopt a holistic view in imparting English language skills, that includes business communication and professional etiquette.

Our training stems from the Cambridge CELTA methodology.

We adopt a holistic view in imparting English language skills.
The bridge to success

Being fluent in English is a survival strategy in today’s world. It transforms a company's chances of growth and success through a competent workforce that has a competitive advantage. The key to this is having employees who are able to communicate and understand a global audience.

When it comes to employees, the way they speak and communicate is linked to their interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and level of empathy. So mastering the English language will help them to master all the soft skills and life skills that they need to succeed in the workplace.

Online modules

In addition to in person sessions, we offer our corporate clients the convenience of online training as well. Corporate entities are required to register and pre-pay for sessions. Our experts based in Hyderabad, Mumbai and London will make sure that your team members get the communication edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.

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