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We enable young people to improve not just their English language skills, but their overall communication skills and help build their confidence as well.

English speaking ability, communication skills and confidence – why are these so crucial for young learners today?

While your child gets an education at school, it’s important to understand that learning in India is targeted around getting children to pass exams. Further, the rote system of learning adds to children not understanding their portions but only knowing the answers by heart.

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Give your child a head-start with The London Bridge Centre

At The London Bridge Centre we train your child in English language proficiency, while working on his or her communication skills and confidence as well. Why wait till your child pursues a professional qualification only to discover that he or she lacks basic English language proficiency and much needed communication skills?

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Cambridge CELTA methodology

The CELTA teaching methodology is a Cambridge University certified method that enables trainers to teach English to non-native speakers of the language. It is an advanced form of Communication Language Teaching. The greatest benefit of this method is that it is completely learner-centred and based on actual usage rather than textbook grammar and bookish learning.

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Online sessions

We offer online learning with our young learners. Parents are required to register and pre-pay for sessions. Our experts based in Hyderabad, Mumbai and London will make sure that your child gets the edge that he or she needs and stays ahead of his or her peers.

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Let our expertise and experience work for you. We are located at Mumbai, Hyderabad and London.

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