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As the world gets smaller and opportunities become global, it is important to know the international language of communication – English. Today, English is spoken by more than a quarter of the world's population. It is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by more than 400 million people across the globe. It is the language of the Internet, computers, global business, industry, education, science, and research and development, amongst other areas and sectors.

When it comes to students, fluency in the English language is essential at school and university levels. It enables students to understand what is being taught and also express themselves. Being articulate in English equips students with more than just an academic advantage. It broadens their outlook, widens their knowledge, arms them with confidence, enables them to be comfortable in social situations, and most of all, seize new opportunities.

The bridge to
reading, writing and speaking English effectively

At The London Bridge Centre (TLB), we understand the importance of fluency in the English language for students. Our teaching and training is based on the Cambridge CELTA methodology - the essential English language teaching qualification that's recognised the world over.

TLB's teaching ensures that students don't merely understand English but feel confident to express themselves in it. The syllabus oriented teaching ensures that School students gain the strong foundation that they need to grasp the nuances of English grammar and to undersand subjects. Further, it equips them with the wherewithal to choose international universities and further their education.

Our teaching and training is based on the Cambridge CELTA methodology

When it comes to college students, TLB's teaching is designed to enhance employability prospects through improved professional communication. By adopting a holistic approach to teaching English, TLB equips students with strong interpersonal skills that enables them to succeed in their careers.

Holistic approach to teaching English
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