What makes us unique?
  • A passion for the English language
  • Tailored, flexible modules depending on client's communication training needs including remote access to resources
  • Training methodology – the much sought-after Cambridge CELTA method – the gold standard in imparting English language skills to non-native English learners
  • Holistic training - includes communication and professional skills beyond just language fluency
  • Diverse and vast team experience across the media/communications industry, English language training and global developmental studies
  • Global locations – India and the UK
  • Live Online voice and accent training from trainers in the UK
  • Communication and writing for business taught by professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience in the media/communications industry
Our clientele

We cover the whole gamut from corporates to hobby linguists.

Our English Language Training Services focus on Business, Communicative and Academic English. We deliver customised training in English fluency and communication skills for:

Corporates and professionals
Business English Communication Skills Voice and Accent Training Professional Etiquette Soft Skills Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
Interview coaching Resume Writing Spoken English Neutral Accent Coaching Confidence, Personality and Grooming
Syllabus English across all Boards - school, college and professional courses Creative Writing Grammar and Enunciation Spoken English Neutral Accent Coaching Examination Tutoring
Conversational English Communication Skills Neutral Accent Coaching General Knowledge Confidence, Personality and Grooming
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The London Bridge Centre
Ranjitha Moorthy
Ranjitha Moorthy
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Lalitha Vaidyanath
Lalitha Vaidyanath
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Meena Shivdas
Meena Shivdas
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Business and Training Associate
Hannah Pandian
Hannah Pandian
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Online access

Our clients can choose between in person and online modules at their convenience. Clients are required to register and pre-pay for sessions. Our experts based in Hyderabad, Mumbai and London will make sure that you/your team members get the communication edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.

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Let our expertise and experience work for you. We are located at Hyderabad, Mumbai and London.

Email us at query@thelondonbridgecentre.com

Hyderabad - +91 9004079431 / +91 9884022890

Mumbai - +91 9987215342 / +91 22 40214325

London - +44 7833751814 / +44 20 35606590

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